European Parliament organizes conference against discrimination

The conference “Fundamental rights, non-discrimination and the protection of vulnerable groups, including LGBTI’’ is being organised by Members of the Pre-Accession Countries’ Parliaments and the European Parliament in cooperation with the Italian Presidency of the Council of the EU and the European Commission and will be held in Albanian capital Tirana on 20-21 November.

The event will bring together members of parliaments from pre-accession countries with representatives from the European Parliament. Topics of discussion will include legislation against discrimination, protection of minority rights and the role of media in changing prejudiced attitudes towards sexual orientation and gender identity.

Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Albania Ilir Meta and Minister of Social Affairs of the Republic of Albania Erion Velliaj will speak at the event. Also present at the event will be important names such as Gianludovico de Martino di Montegiordano from Italian Presidency of the Council of the EU, President of the Interministerial Committee for  Human Rights (CIDU), as well as Urike Lunacek, Vice President of the European Parliament for Western Balkans, the author of the report outlining the EU’s LGBT roadmap.