Gay issues are coming out of the classroom closet as teachers put kids first

Openly gay school deputy headteacher, Shaun Dellenty, explains why winning an award for his work as founder of Inclusion For All meant so much:

“I first devised Inclusion For All in 2010 in response to endemic levels of homophobic bullying and language in our local schools and the community, at a time when there was a question mark over tackling such issues in UK primary schools.

Such was the positive impact of the work on all forms of bullying that I offered the highly child-centred training to schools, local authorities, teacher training providers and anti-bullying organisations in the form of outreach.

In 2012 I made Inclusion For All into a small charitable organization which, in addition to outreach work, provides three highly successful onsite training days at my school – Alfred Salter Primary School in Southwark, south London.”