Laverne Cox makes history as first trans actress to be nominated for Emmy Award

The Orange is the New Black star picked up a surprise nomination for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series, for her role as inmate Sophia Burset on the show. The Primetime Emmy Award ceremony will be held on 25 August 25 at the Nokia Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles, California and will be hosted by

On Thursday, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio signed into law a bill to create a municipal identification card for residents who face obstacles obtaining government-issued identification. This law will make it easier for transgender populations, who often face difficulty securing accurate identification, to obtain documents affirming their gender. New York City is the first

US: Obama to sign Executive Order banning anti-LGBT workplace discrimination

A White House official confirmed that Obama has asked his staff to prepare the measure for his signature, though a time-frame was not mentioned. Obama has been under pressure to sign an Executive Order due to the stalling of the broader Employment Non-Discrimination Act in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives. The Order will protect federal contractors in all

Professor forced out of job at Christian college after coming out as trans

A professor at a Christian college in California has been forced out of his position after coming out as transgender. H. Adam Ackley had taught theology at Azusa Pacific University for 15 years. However, since coming out as male in the last year, he had been asked to leave by the university – despite being

Gay issues are coming out of the classroom closet as teachers put kids first

Openly gay school deputy headteacher, Shaun Dellenty, explains why winning an award for his work as founder of Inclusion For All meant so much: “I first devised Inclusion For All in 2010 in response to endemic levels of homophobic bullying and language in our local schools and the community, at a time when there was a question

A judge denied the request of a US evangelist preacher accused of human rights violations for his support of the Ugandan ‘Kill the Gays’ bill, to have the case against him dismissed. The ruling by Judge Michael Ponsor, means the persecution of people based on sexual orientation or gender identity is considered a crime against