Participants of IT Courses Organized by LGL: It‘s Never too Late to Explore New Areas

The second cycle of IT courses organized by the National LGBT rights organization LGL has started and it will help young people under the age of 29 who are not studying and cannot find a job for a long period of time to find employment in the IT sector. The courses are implemented as part of the project “Direction Employment”, funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment. The courses are facilitated by Code Academy. Participants in courses organized by LGL reveal in this interview their expectations after starting the course and how they intend to use the acquired knowledge in the field of IT.

How did you become interested in IT? What opportunities do you think the IT market offers?

Klaidas: – The field of IT is unfamiliar to me and completely new, but very broad and promising. With the rapid development of technology, in my opinion, every professional working in a variety of fields must have at least a minimum of IT knowledge. I think that the IT market is very wide, so the opportunities are various, due to the lack of IT specialists, even without higher education in information technology, one can expect to enter this market.

Deimantas: – I became interested in IT by reading various articles on the Internet. It has been mentioned in the media that the shortage of IT professionals is big enough, so I decided to try myself in this field and see if this area is right for me. One of the opportunities in the IT market is to get a good reward by working for one company or another. Also acquire new skills and apply them in personal life.

The COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected the lives of young people. Do you think that after completing the course you will have more opportunities in the professional field?

Klaidas: – I hope that these courses will give me more opportunities in the professional field. IT seems to be one of the areas least affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Deimantas: – I think so. All the acquired knowledge in one way or another helps to establish oneself in the market. Therefore, these courses will also serve in the future and in professional activities.

How do you envision your professional future in five years? What objectives do you set yourself to achieve your goals?



Klaidas: – It is difficult to get an accurate picture of the ever-changing conditions, especially during a pandemic. In the near future, having acquired new technical knowledge, I hope to find the most suitable professional path for myself and improve in that field. In five years, I hope to be an advanced specialist in my field, and I am not yet sure about the exact field.

Deimantas: – It’s hard to imagine your future right now, because unexpected negative consequences, such as a pandemic, can completely change your career path. The main tasks in achieving your goals are to gain as much experience and knowledge as possible in a certain field.

What do you expect from LGL IT courses? What course areas are you most interested in?

Klaidas: – I expect a strong push from the IT courses run by LGL towards the IT market, and I also want to refine my opportunities and expectations in this area. I am interested in all areas of the course, both the introduction and the broader technical subjects. The wider the range of knowledge and technology that will be touched during the course, the better.

Deimantas: – I hope to learn the basics of IT and enter the job market. I am most interested in Front End Programming. Nor would I give up studying and back end programming.

LGL’s courses will also cover the basics of human rights, equal opportunities and diversity. Are you interested in this course accent?

Klaidas: – Yes, this course accent is also fun. I think this is a great opportunity to learn new things and competent people in an area that every participant in modern society should know about.

Deimantas: – Definitely yes. All the acquired knowledge in one case or another serves in the future. Therefore, I am looking forward to gaining the knowledge.

EEA-and-Norway_grants 2The project “Direction Employment” is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment.