Lithuanian Police investigates a recording of men trampling, wetting and burning LGBT flag

On 6 January, 2021 a video was posted on a Facebook group in which two men trample a rainbow flag, then wet it and burn it.

The video material was handed over to the law enforcement officials, the circumstances of the incident will be clarified.

“True values are not changing. No ideology can be above the concept of family as defined in the Constitution, which defines the family as the union of a man and a woman. It is the duty of everyone to protect and defend the institute of the traditional family. This is the most important task. Let us not allow the world to laugh at such ‘problems’ as the abolition of the gender segregation of toilets. World, wake up…” wrote the person who published the video (language is not corrected).

When the images of flag trampling are displayed, a message appears on the screen: “We are not trying to incite discord or hatred! Our aim is to remind you that everyone must defend traditional values.”

At the end of the recording, after burning the flag, a man with a mask covering his face appears, waving the flag of the Coat of arms of Lithuania, and the words of the National Anthem “And the light, and the truth, May lead our footsteps”.

The National LGBT rights organization LGL expresses its deep concern and strongly condemns such hate crime incidents and their perpetrators. LGL hopes that the Lithuanian Police will investigate and prosecute the perpetrators of this crime so that similar incidents could be prevented in the future.