“Rainbow Days” 2017: Celebrate Diversity!

The “Rainbow Days” festival is back! The festival will take place on 9th-23rd May, 2017 in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda. This year the “Rainbow Days” festival, organized by the National LGBT* rights organization LGL, will surprise you with the widest selection of events. Our celebrations of the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT) will be meaningful and fun. Let us celebrate diversity together!

The National LGBT* rights organization LGL is pleased to announce the official programme for the “Rainbow Days” 2017 festival, which includes a wide range of political, social and cultural events in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda. “We are certain that this year the Rainbow Days festival will be qualitatively different. We have no doubt that everyone will find their event in the festival’s programme, which will make the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia more colorful,” commented Eglė Kuktoraitė, Communications Coordinator of LGL.

“Rainbow Days” 2017 events in the capital city

The “Rainbow Days” 2017 festival in Vilnius will start on 9th May, 2017 at 06:00 P.M. with the discussion on the necessity to legalize civil partnerships in Lithuania. The event is organized by the National LGBT* rights organization LGL, the Institute of International Relations and Political Science of Vilnius University’s and Viktorija Čmilytė-Nielsen, the member of Lithuanian Parliament. It will also be attended by members of Lithuanian Parliament, representatives of various civil society organizations and political commentators. Will we reach a compromise regarding this heated issue?

On 12th May, 2017 at 05.00 P.M. the supporters of LGBT* human rights will have an unique opportunity to celebrate the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT) and human rights victories by attending the official Rainbow Days 2017 festive event, followed by a reception, in the Vilnius City Town Hall, where we will award people for their contributions to LGBT* equality. The guests of the event will be rewarded with the performances from the French drag queen LaDiva Live and Ruslanas Kirilkinas, local singer known for defending LGBT* human rights. Entrance by invitation only!

On 13th May, 2017 at 11:00 A.M., the rainbow bus will start its journey through the streets of Vilnius. As always, we will unfold the longest rainbow flag in the country in the most unexpected location of Vilnius! The campaign will draw attention to the social and legal hurdles, encountered daily by members of the local LGBT* community. Great mood and energy is guaranteed!

Mark 13th May, 2017 on your calendar in red: we will have a double celebration! The organizers of the “Rainbow Days” managed to arrange with the organizing committee of the Eurovision Song Contest that the “Rainbow Days” 2017 party and the Eurovision finals will take place on the same day.[1] Organized by LGL, the Eurovision party will start on 13th May, 2017 at 09:00 P.M. in the jazz bar Paviljonas and will definitely be a shining jewel of the “Rainbow Days” 2017. The performances of the drag queen LaDiva Live (France) and Okeanidė (Lithuania) will leave lasting impressions for everyone!

The French performer LaDive Live has captured the hearts of LGBT* audience during the Baltic Pride 2016 in Vilnius. Since then she had grown to love the audience of Vilnius. “I already sang in a cabaret of Brussels, on a cruise ship and at the Amsterdam Parade but nowhere did I see so many beautiful men as in Vilnius. All of them are so stern yet devilishly good looking,” revealed LaDive Live. When asked about her favorite Eurovision song, the singer did not hesitate to answer: “I am the brightest performance of the Eurovision. You will be able to see it for yourselves pretty soon.”

Funny commentary, “Eurovision Drinking Game” during the voting and the live concert with Eurovision’s most famous hits is coming soon, on 13th May (Saturday) at 09:00 P.M. in the jazz bar Paviljonas. Let us celebrate diversity and party together until the morning!

More information about the event can be found on the Facebook page.

Event tickets are already sold in LGL’s online store for 5 euro. Do not wait and buy your tickets today – LaDiva Live and Okeanidė are waiting for you!

“Rainbow Days” 2017 events in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda

The “Rainbow Days” 2017 events will come to Kaunas and Klaipėda, too! The residents and guests of the three major cities of Lithuania will have an unique opportunity to participate in the “Rainbow Days” Quizzes. To celebrate the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT), we will invite you to reflect on the challenges we face when we advocate for human rights and fight for its realization. During the Quizzes in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda, we will be joined by Agneta Skardžiuvienė, the Equal Opportunities Ombudsperson, and the representatives of the National LGBT* rights organization LGL and the Office of Equal Opportunities Ombudsperson. Gather your own team and brush up on your knowledge about human rights – the “Rainbow Days” 2017 is coming to your city! The “Rainbow Days” Quizzes will be held on 17th May in Vilnius, 20th May in Klaipėda and 21st May in Kaunas. The entrance is free of charge!

From 9th May to 23rd May, the public transport pavilions in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda will be decorated with LGL’s billboard campaign posters. With posters in public places of major Lithuanian cities, we will draw the attention to the issues faced by the local LGBT* community and encourage its members to speak out when encountering discrimination. The posters of the campaign will be displayed from 9th to 16th May in Vilnius and from 16th to 23rd May in Kaunas and Klaipėda. Let us be visible and actively defend our rights!

You can find more information about the upcoming “Rainbow Days” 2017 events, schedules and locations on LGL’s website and Facebook page.

See you soon!

[1] Just joking!