Prologue Planning for “2nd Nordic Rainbow History & Art Month“ Took Place in Vilnius

On March 27th, 2017, the planning session for the 2nd Nordic Rainbow History & Art Month took place in Vilnius. Participants from Lithuania, Belarus, United Kingdom and Sweden took part in it.

The 2nd Nordic Rainbow History & Art Month will happen in October 2017. Now it is scheduled for 10 Nordic cities on both sides of the Baltic Sea. The planned dates for Vilnius are October 22-23, 2017. The idea of this event is to emphasize the role of art and history in challenging the homophobic and transphobic societal environment.

“Legislation is only half the battle, culture must be raised and used as a weapon to fight dominant homophobic views in our society. And about history – people might ask why to focus on past, if we need to move forward to the future. But history is part of our identity,“ says Bill Schiller, representative of Tupilak (Network of Nordic rainbow culture workers), who stands behind the project.

First Nordic Rainbow History and Art Month took place in Umeå, Stockholm and Vilnius in October 2016. You can read about last year`s in Vilnius in the article on LGL`s webpage.

The planning sessions will continue in Stockholm on March 29th and 30th, 2017.

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