We have raised LGL`s roof!

On Thursday, 21th April, our LGBT* community centre held the dancing workshop called Shake it out! with the undertitle Show us how you dance! There was enough space for everyone, even for those who didn`t feel like dancing. But later some of them joined, too. Apparently, because we have had so amazing teachers!

A bunch of our great volunteers came and we had also some external visitors. For example, Marc, EVS volunteer in Vilnius coming from Germany, showed us how to dance waltz. Next, as it was the first workshop for our new EVS volunteer Veronika from Slovakia, after the short introduction round and putting our names on stickers, she brought a 30`s and 40`s athmosphere in here, because she teached us little bit of swing solo dancing. Our great volunteers Paulina and Emilija came out as a great lecturers, too. Paulina showed us how to be a good leader who don`t let his|her partner fall down and Emilija, ballet dance teacher teached us – of course – how to do ballet dancing! So, as you can see also on the pictures, it was a very diverse and funny experience :)


LGL is carrying out the 10-month projects “Volunteering for Visibility and Inclusion” and “Heading Towards Visibilty and Equality” under the Erasmus+ programme EVS (European Voluntary Service).

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