A well-dressed Lithuanian man slammed in a famous clothing store

After the Vilnius book fair, my friend and I decided to shop around Vilnius. After visiting a couple of shops in the center of the city, we decided to stop by a clothing store of Scandinavian capital. I was elated because I found many valuable books in the fair. In other word, the trip to the capital was a success.

However, while browsing in a mostly empty shop, I suddenly overheard a conversation between a shop-assistant and a security guard. A certain phrase didn’t escape my notice: “Look, two fags are walking”.

I reported it to the store’s manager. I didn’t receive a proper apology and I left. OK, I thought, 25 years of independence haven’t taught us anything.

I’m not going to spout about gays and their rights. I’m not parading with a sign and I have no intentions of attending the march. I myself am working in sales and I understand that sometimes people are annoying but I have never insulted my clients. I have never heard my colleagues acting like this, too.

I wish to shop peacefully – without insults. Even if my jacket is yellow in color.


The aforementioned chain store’s representative to the media promised to investigate the situation.

“We are very sorry if such a situation occurred in our store. As stated in our chain’s global policy on discrimination and equality, all our employees and customers must be treated with respect. We take it very seriously.”

“We will definitely investigate the situation and discuss it internally, and we will contact the customer directly,” explained the representative of the store.