LGBT events are getting more frequently funded by businesses all around the world. Corporate activism, previously thought of as a risky move, is now becoming an advanced and profitable advertising strategy, as well as an opportunity for businesses to contribute to creating public discourse. By supporting LGBT community activities, companies not only get more publicity,

A well-dressed Lithuanian man slammed in a famous clothing store

After the Vilnius book fair, my friend and I decided to shop around Vilnius. After visiting a couple of shops in the center of the city, we decided to stop by a clothing store of Scandinavian capital. I was elated because I found many valuable books in the fair. In other word, the trip to

Co-founder could not overcome controversy over his donation to Prop 8 anti-gay marriage referendum. After less than two weeks on the job, Brendon Eich has resigned as CEO of Mozilla Corp. His undoing was a $1,000 donation supporting the Proposition 8 campaign in 2008, an anti-gay marriage referendum that was successfully overturned last year. News