Open letter to the governments of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

Today, on the International Day against homophobia, we, representatives of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) communities in the three Baltic countries are turning to our governments to urge you to take specific measures in order to improve the situation for people of different sexual orientation and gender identities in our countries.
Currently LGBT people in the Baltic countries have no possibility to legally form families. Many are hiding their true identities because they are afraid of discrimination, harassment and condemnation. When the pride parade in Riga is under threat and politicians try to silence our voices we receive no support from our governments. The pride marchers are forced to express their right of assembly and speech behind high police fences under protection against groups of aggressive counter-demonstrators. Issues of social inclusion are neglected.
We, therefore, urge our governments to take the following active measures:
initiate or continue the process of introducing a same-sex partnership law;
review the existing legislation on hate crimes and hate speech, specifically introducing homophobic and transphobic motivation for violence as an aggravating circumstance;
implement all aspects of the draft EU horizontal anti-discrimination directive in national legislation;
develop educational policies on diversity and anti-discrimination;
launch information campaigns to the general public in our countries.
By taking these measures the governments of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania would show a true wish to comply with democratic standards of non-discrimination and improve the life quality of the LGBT communities in our countries, as well as improve the total well-being of our nations.
 Alliance of LGBT and their friends Mozaika
Lithuanian Gay League
Estonian Gay Youth
Tolerant Youth Association