Intercultural meeting for EVS volunteers

My on-arrival training took place in the scenery of the Bebrusu Castle. In this amazing location, me, Yuri, and 16 other volunteers from all over the continent joined the training, part of the Erasmus+ program EVS. With a schedule full of different activities, we explored ourselves and took a look at our future months in Lithuania, returning to our offices with lots of new friends and nice prizes.

Starting by the meeting in the National Agency, the socialization began in front of tea and biscuits. An interesting travel full of multicultural insights followed, as those given to me by the chat with Tanya, Ukrainian girl.

Broad meadows surrounds the villa that is situated next to a marvelous lake. In the fresh air, Nerijus and Roberta welcomed us with wide smiles. They supervised and supported us from the beginning to the end of the training and taught us how to deal with the main problems we might face during our volunteering service.

Every day was filled with many activities but also with enough breaks to recover and to regain the strength and the desire to go on.

The main aim of the training was to learn how to be a productive and conscious part of a group and every task was based on this. Another important goal was to learn a little more about the Lithuanian culture. For that we spent one evening in a cultural center where we got to know the local folklore by traditional songs. We also worked with clay and made candles ourselves, which were for me precious souvenirs to take home.

During the second day, the EVS project coordinator Aistė from the National Agency visited us to show a presentation and to respond to all our questions. After giving us some good tips, she distributed some interesting presents: the book Survive in Lithuania during EVS and a pedometer.

On the third day, the main topics were the self-discovering and the Youthpass -a document that every EVS volunteer fills after his experience to certificate it. While learning how to learn and hiking in the forest, we lost ourselves in the joy of thinking. There was no way to forget that it was the second-last day of the training, but the day passed again into smiles and laughs, while jumping on the trampoline and oaring on a kayak in the lake.

The fourth day was the last one and the time for the goodbye came. We did our last evaluation and after that we watched the video that Emil, a Georgian volunteer, had made during our training. Lunchtime came and the meal was delicious as always. There was no need for sadness because great connections had been created. Again on the bus and back on my way to the capital, I was already looking forward for the next training -and for Saturday nights with new friends from Spain, Austria and other European countries.

Photos by Emil Kurbanov

erasmus_logoLGL is carrying out the 10-month project ‘Volunteering for Visibility and Inclusion’ under the Erasmus+ programme EVS (European Voluntary Service).