MP Požėla challenged shocking statements about LGBT* people by the Government representative Uleckas

Member of the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania Juras Požėla appealed to the Chief Official of the Ethics Commission (COEC) to evaluate the remarks on LGBT* persons delivered by the representative of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania in Marijampolė county Paulius Uleckas.

Member of the Liberal Movement party Mr. Uleckas expressed his frustration over a letter received from the national LGBT* organization LGL. In response to an e-newsletter from LGL, Mr. Uleckas wrote: “Don’t send me this pervert filth. I’m not a fag”. The politician later confirmed his sentiments to the media.

Member of the Social Democratic Party of Lithuania Mr. Požėla applied to the COEC to start an investigation over Mr. Uleckas’ remarks in regards to the Code of Professional Ethics for Civil Servants. “I am sure that a public servant should stand for the highest moral and ethical standards. Whether this concerns a case of private correspondence or a matter of official language, I hope that COEC will examine this behavior, because so far the Liberal Movement, to which this citizen belongs, had a very limited public criticism on the occurred event,” commented Mr. Požėla.