Trans victory: Scotland removes spousal veto from gay marriage

As the Equal Opportunities Committee unanimouly passes the spousal veto amendment, Scottish Transgender Alliance’s Nathan Gale reflects on why this is a victory for all LGBTI people. In a major step forward for trans equality in Scotland, the Scottish Parliament’s Equal Opportunities Committee today passed an amendment to the equal marriage bill removing the spousal

Thursday, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) explained that under EU law, an employee who is in a same-sex civil partnership should receive the same benefits as foreseen for married employees—in case a civil partnership is the highest form of union they can access. A French man entering a registered partnership took his employer

MEPs welcome the annulment of Moldovan ‘Propaganda Law’

Members of the European Parliament are welcoming the decision by the Moldovan Parliament to annul the law prohibiting the “propagation of any other relations than those related to marriage or family”. Adopted by surprise only three months ago, the annulment of this law brings Moldova back on track for closer relations with the European Union. The

Evangelical reformists not to marry gays in Lithuania

Members of the Lithuanian Evangelical Reformists Church have dismissed the decision of the German Evangelical Church to marry persons of the same sex as an offense undermining Christianity, Kauno Diena daily said. „We think it is an offense. The decision made by the Church is not Christian, we do not want to have anything to