Opinion: Homophobia and the ambiguous problem of individual freedom

The recent sensation around the homophobic Facebook post written by the Lithuanian DJ “Ten Walls” (Marijus Adomaitis) has generated – as usual in these cases – a number of polarized reactions, but most of all has re-opened once again the Pandora’s vase of the admittedly-difficult relation that Lithuania has with homosexuality, especially in times like

Musician Ten Walls apologizes for comparing homosexuality to pedophilia

On the 8th of June, 2015 the Lithuanian musician Ten Walls has been dropped from several events after comparing homosexuality to pedophilia. The Lithuanian producer and musician issued an apology after he posted the comments on “Facebook”, which referred to LGBT* people as people of a “different breed”. Ten Walls, real name Marijus Adomaitis, has

Lithuanian music star says gays are another ‘breed’, like pedophiles

Today, the national LGBT* organization LGL expresses its grave concern regarding a post that was published on the “Facebook” page of “Walking with Elephants” star on the 3d of June, 2015. The Lithuanian musician who scored a UK hit with “Walking with Elephants” has had to apologize for an anti-gay rant. Marijus Adomaitis, known as Ten