LGL as Sending Organization of EVS

About us

The lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans-gender (LGBT*) rights association, LGL is a national nonprofit, nongovernmental organization uniting homosexual, bisexual and transgender persons. Our vision: a respectful, open, and inclusive Lithuanian society that is free of discriminatory homophobic, bi-phobic and transphobic attitudes. We are dedicated to fighting homophobia and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Through education, support, and representation of the LGBT community, LGL promotes an inclusive social environment for gay men, lesbian women, bisexual and transgender persons. In almost 20 years of work LGL implemented numerous projects promoting tolerance, non discrimination, human rights and equality.

LGL also advocates for the rights of the LGBT* individuals in Lithuania. LGL fights against homophobia and transphobia, discrimination and social exclusion and is inclusive of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and expressions within its advocacy work.

National LGBT* rights organization LGL has a long experience in implementing projects and activities related to the LGBT* youth and the promotion of human rights, at both national and international level.

Since 2007 the LGL is carrying projects of European Voluntary Service, under the framework of Youth In Action and Erasmus+ program. Volunteers are an essential part of LGL and they are continuously helped, monitored and coordinated by the professional volunteer coordinator, which also manages youth exchange projects.

An LGBT* community center is established in a premises of LGL office. Both formal and informal, educational, cultural, social and political activities take place in the office every week. Activities offered by LGBT* Center, mostly facilitated by LGL volunteers, attract around 1000 visitors a year.

LGL team is responsible for organizing the biggest and most important LGBT* focused events in Lithuania and other Baltic countries, such as: Baltic Pride (march itself and various community events as well as conferences), International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia events, etc.

For more detailed information check out our annual report.

Sending Volunteers Abroad

Although we see visitors of LGBT community center as the main target group, we are open minded and also recruit potential volunteers all over the country. LGL is a very active organization and has a lot of partners all over the country. LGL is also a member of the National Equality and Diversity Forum and the Human Rights Coalition. We hope to help young people, passionate about human rights and volunteering, find right hosting organization abroad and take part in EVS program.

The main recruitment strategy involves:

– community event in our LGBT community center. Most of the events are hosted by our EVS volunteers, so all the participants have a chance to meet EVS volunteers in person and get all the answers about their experience.

– special open events for promoting EVS and Erasmus + program

– online advertising


All volunteers are also provided with pre-departure training before leaving for their EVS abroad. This training is obligatory to all, based on methods of non formal education and incorporates:

– exploring expectations of volunteers for their EVS activity

– EVS project cycle, rights and responsibilities of EVS actors (SO, CO, HO, volunteer and mentor);

– information about EVS support systems and crisis management

– basics information about intercultural learning

– information about culture shock and main strategies of coping with it

– practical and technical information on matters such as insurance, visa, pocket money and working hours, communication with hosting organization

– topics related with volunteers’ future tasks

We also offer support for all volunteers after coming back from EVS.

Participants with Fewer Opportunities

LGL has a lot of experience working with LGBT youth and is familiar with troubles and issues which might be of concern. LGL staff is capable to understand and cater to the needs of LGBT* volunteers and has knowledge and skill to help young person prepare themselves for volunteering abroad, can provide with necessary support during volunteering and have the capacity to help reintegrate after coming back.

LGL is always willing to help hosting organization to prepare host volunteers with fewer opportunities by providing information and all the necessary support. Before the departure, potential volunteers can try themselves in volunteering activities at our LGBT community center and get in contact with our EVS volunteers. This way they will be provided with first hand experience and knowledge. Our volunteer coordinator has a lot of experience working with youth with fewer opportunities and using volunteering as a tool for their integration. She is professional social worker and can help young person with finding right place for volunteering,  help with setting learning goals, understand what volunteering is and set adequate expectations. During volunteering abroad they also will be provided with on-line support via e-mails and Skype. And after coming back from their service volunteers will be encouraged to participate in activities at LGBT community center to ease their reintegration.