Lithuanian Parliament only one step away from Russian style anti-gay law

On January 21 the Seimas considered MP Gražulis’ proposal to introduce harsh fines for the „denigration of family values“ during the public events such as gay prides.

46 MPs voted in favour of amendments to the Code of Administrative Violations of Law, 10 voted against and 22 abstained. Third final reading and voting at the plenary is still needed for the anti-gay law to be finally adopted.

In the revised amendment it is suggested to foresee administrative responsibility for public defiance of Constitution established family values by carrying out public speeches, demonstrating goods, posters, slogans, audiovisual means and other kind of actions.

In the amendment it is foreseen that such kind of actions will result in a fine from 1000 till 3000 litas (from 290 till 870 euros). The repeated offense would result in a fine from 3000 till 6000 litas (from 870 till 1740 euros).

In the previous amendment version it was suggested to envisage administrative responsibility for public defiance of constitutional moral values and Constitution established principles of family. Also, administrative responsibility was foreseen for the organization of the events, contradicting morality of society.

In the explanatory note Gražulis is stating that the preparation of the amendment “was also encouraged due to current weaknesses of Lithuanian legal system, when promotion of the harmonious, traditional family values often is estimated as unfounded and illegal discrimination against sexual minorities for their sexual orientation”. According to MP, “the faulty practice appears when the fight with discrimination against sexual orientation is being used as a shield. As a consequence, traditional family values are being discriminated, which are appreciated by the people who value heterosexual sexual relations”.

With this amendment the MP seeks that “administrative responsibility would be established for public defiance or promotion of defiance of fair and harmonious society moral values and Constitution established family principles. For example, homosexual people prides would be considered as an event, contradicting morality of society”.

Gražulis already had suggested analogic amendment in the previous cadence but it was rejected by Parliament.

Prepared with reference to BNS, and LGL information.