Protest in London to denounce the LGBT rights violations in Lithuania

On 27 November, the RMT (Britain’s Transport Union) LGBT Committee held a protest action in front of the Lithuanian Embassy in London, urging the Lithuanian Government and civil society to draw attention to constant LGBT rights violations in Lithuania. RMT Union activists were joined by members of the African LGBT Out and Proud Diamond Group, activists from Alliance Worker’s Liberty group, and Peter Purton, a LGBT policy officer at theTrade Union Congress (TUC).

During her visit to Vilnius, Janine Booth, a trade unionist and representative of the RMT LGBT Committee, not only raised questions about the current LGBT rights situation in Lithuania but also was concerned by recent homophobic and transphobic legislative proposals that are being considered or will be discussed in the Parliament’s autumn session. The RMT is aware that the submitted draft amendments may restrict the LGBT rights in Lithuania and has decided to show its support and solidarity with the LGL and other human rights activists both in Lithuania and Great Britain.

The Lithuanian Embassy has not realised any statement.

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