Film critic José Arroyo: Gay culture is what teaches us to be gay rather than homosexual

People discover their homosexuality once they experience the first desire at puberty, but they only learn how to be gay when they start a conversation with others like them, when they accept their desire and learn to talk about society, sex, politics. This conversation among homosexual men and women is what constructs the ‘gay culture’, says José Arroyo, film critic and lecturer at the University of Warwick (UK).

Arroyo, who is one of the guests at this year’s LGBT film festival “Kitoks kinas”, is coming to Vilnius to join Baltic Pride 2013 and will give a talk on one of the most prominent figures of the ‘gay culture, Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar, and his films that have come to symbolize the democracy of Spain.

15min talks to Arroyo about representations of homosexuality in cinema, about the politics and aesthetics of the gay culture, and the role for film critics in helping sort out great works amidst today’s abundance of new material.

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