“15min” Becomes Baltic Pride Information Partner – the First News Portal in Lithuania Expressing Support for LGBT Rights

On 15th March, 2018 the main Lithuanian news portal “15min” announced that all the news and events about the “Baltic Pride” 2019 will be announced in the portal.

Until June, “15min” in their special section will share the stories of LGBT community and during the week of the event the media channel will organize photo-reports, articles and live broadcasts.

“The mission of our company is to create a public welfare. Equality is one of the fundamental features of a democratic state, so we are pleased to have successfully implemented and fulfilled the projects such as “Radar of Discrimination”, “We are Equal” and others.

“In 2019 we took another big step – “15min” portal became the official information partner of the “Baltic Pride” 2019 events. I am more than happy and delighted that we can contribute to the promotion of human rights in our country by providing objective information for society,” claims Ramūnas Šaučikovas, “15min” Executive Director.

Vladimir Simonko, Executive Director of the National LGBT Rights Organization LGL, believes in benefits for society of “15min” and the “Baltic Pride” partnership.

“During the first “Baltic Pride” march in 2010, partnership with one of our main information portals seemed impossible. This year’s partnership with “15min” sends an important message to the public and to the international community that LGBT human rights are becoming an integral part of the human rights discourse. Congratulations to the “15min” portal after this important step that leads to rapid change. We are confident that our partnership will continue after the end of the “Baltic Pride” 2019 festival,” says V. Simonko.

“Baltic Pride” is the largest LGBT community event with LGBT supporters from Lithuania, Baltic States and Europe. This year Baltic Pride will be held in Vilnius on 4-9th June. All week is packed with various LGBT-themed events: the International Human Rights Conference, the theatrical show of Pride Voices Gala, Pride House, Pride Street Party, and the LGBT-themed movie screenings festival “Kreivės”. The culmination of the event will be the march “For Equality!” in Gediminas Avenue on June 8th.