R. Karbauskis: „Same-sex Partnerships Will Not Be Considered by the Current Lithuanian Parliament“

During a video interview for media outlet Alfa the leader of the ruling Lithuanian Peasant and Green Party Ramūnas Karbauskis insisted that his party „will not have a liberal view on same sex partnership law“. The politician further emphasized that „same sex partnerships will not be considered by the current Lithuanian Parliament“.

Earlier this year the leader of the Farmers’ and Green Party expressed his apprehension that introduced partnerships for different-sex couples would encourage same-sex couples to seek recognition of their relationships before the European Court of Human Rights. “In our opinion, this is done in order to create legal consequences that would force us to take decisions on same-sex families”, claimed Mr. Karbauskis.

Ramūnas Karbaukis, the leader of the Farmers’ and Green Party, had repeatedly expressed his disapproval of addressing some human rights problems existing in Lithuania: introducing civil partnerships – both for same-sex and different-sex – and assisted insemination.

According to Mr. Karbauskis, relationships between unmarried couples should be regulated by the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania. However, he did not specify how the Civil Code should solve the issues cohabitating couples face living without the protection of the State.