Gay rainbow arouses passion

The windows of the trolleybus in Kaunas with gay and lesbian sexual advertising were broken and the trolleybus in Vilnius unexpectedly broke down and did not leave the garage.
The forthcoming events organized by the fighters for sexual minority rights in Vilnius may end in failure. Even the majority of the MPs do not support them.
Gay rainbows arouse passion
By Danguolė Kavolėlvtė
2007 has been designated the European Year of Equal Opportunities for All. Sexual minorities have decided to take this opportunity to demonstrate their equal rights in Lithuania, all the more so because today, 17 May, is the International Day against Homophobia. The Lithuanian Gay League planned a series of events for 17-26 May entitled Rainbow Days 2007. A 15-minute public gathering on 25 May, during which the organizers intend to raise a huge rainbow flag at Municipality Square in Vilnius, should become the highlight of these events.
Vladimiras Simono, chairman of the Lithuanian Gay League, said yesterday that he did not know whether the event would take place because the municipality suspiciously delays to issue its permission. If such permission is not received, the league intends to take the municipality to court. According to Simonko, the event would have to be financed by European Union and Lithuanian government funds, 21 thousand litas has been allocated for this purpose.
The social advertisements of sexual minorities have also resulted in failure: the windows of the trolleybus in Kaunas with gay league posters were broken and it was reported that the trolleybus in Vilnius had broken down and will not be in service.
Several MPs, who had previously endorsed the Law on Equal Treatment, are opposed to this gay initiative.
Kazimieras Uoka, one of the signatories to the Act of Independence of 11 March, said he intended to come to the gay event and stage a protest. “We will hold a counterdemonstration at the same time and in the same place,” this public figure who is famous for getting into scandals said in a militant mood.
Father Alfonsas Svarinskas also became interested in these gay events. “We should not allow them to come from abroad to destroy Lithuania. They will not destroy it,” the clergyman declared. When reminded that some priests are also guilty of the sin of homosexuality, Svarinskas was quick to reply “I do not justify them. All of them must be punished.”
Marija Aušrinė Pavilionienė, member of the Order and Justice faction at the Seimas who had taken up the banner of sexual minorities, announced yesterday she was leaving the party because she became disappointed in her homophobic party colleagues. Pavilionienė has been a member of the Order and Justice since 2004 and her late husband Professor Rolandas Pavilionis was one of the creators of the party programme of the liberaldemocrats.