Let’s talk about language, baby – Non-binary in Lithuania

Yesterday evening our Vilnius LGBT* centre hosted an event concurrently with the Transgender Day of Visibility to match problems that the non-binary group faces on a daily basis. Discussing about genderqueer people was yet not the main point of the gathering: trying to find solutions was.

Since 2010, the LGBT* community dedicates the 31st of March to its transgender component. This holiday was started by Rachel Crandall, the head of Transgender Michigan, who created the TDoV to celebrate the trans community in a positive light and to the visibility and recognition they deserve.

LGL’s European Voluntary Service (EVS) volunteers decided not to talk about the “mainstream” binary transgenders, but rather to talk about non-binary issues.

After a quick presentation of names and preferred pronouns, the pleasantly crowded meeting started touching almost each and every problem genderqueer people undergo: from the Coming Out to the sexual orientation classification; from the oppression of gender roles and the lack of gender equality in Lithuania and abroad to the feeling of being misgendered.

Once again this brought up that education and media are the main ways to change and improve society. What we as community can do is to spread information, being media ourselves, and maybe even something more: this is how some non-binary people, allies and LGL started working on a proposal to create a more inclusive Lithuanian language not by modifying but by adding some details to have a third-gender option, a neutral one.

Text: Yuri Michelietti

LGL is carrying out the 10-month project “Volunteering for Visibility and Inclusion” under the Erasmus+ programme EVS (European Voluntary Service).