Two men arrested in Morocco after video of their kiss goes viral

Two Moroccan men have been arrested after a video of them kissing caused outrage online.



The strong reaction to the video – which quickly went viral – led to authorities to arrest the men on Friday (January 7).

The video – which shows two unidentified silhouettes kissing inside a classroom – was filmed in the southern city of Inezgane.

Local reports suggest the two men are university students.

The man who allegedly filmed the clip works as part-time at the school where the video was shot, alongside his law degree. His friend is thought to be studying hospitality.

According to local news website Le360, both men remain in police custody, with a verdict is expected later this week.

If convicted, the men could face up to three years imprisonment and a fine of 1,200 dirhams ($121; €111).

Moroccan law penalises what it refers to as acts of “sexual deviancy” between members of the same sex, a term that police reports and court documents use to refer to homosexuality more generally.

Last year, campaigners condemned the jailing of two men accused of consensual same-sex activity in Morocco.

In May, three men in Morocco accused of homosexuality were jailed for three years each.

Ray Cole, a gay British man, was briefly jailed in the country in 2014 under Morocco’s anti-gay laws.

Mr Cole and his Moroccan friend were subsequently released following a high-profile campaign.