North Carolina Governor signs vile LGBT protection-voiding bill

The Governor of North Carolina has signed into law a vile bill which voids all local laws protecting LGBT people. Last night the US state of North Carolina passed the law which voids all local ordinances protecting LGBT rights. The bill, HB 2, which was passed by the General Assembly with 83-24, and after only


World Psychiatric Association call for homosexuality to be legalised

The World Psychiatric Association (WPA) has called for homosexuality to be decriminalised and for “harmful” and “discriminatory” practices to be ended. The organisation, which represents over 200,000 psychiatrists worldwide, has said that LGBT people should be regarded as “valued members of society, who have the same rights and responsibilities as all other citizens”. Stating recent


Real Talk With RuPaul

The drag supermodel of the world on how straight people steal from gay culture, meeting David Bowie, and why educating the youth is a waste of time. RuPaul was born November 17, which makes him a Scorpio — a detail he has said accounts for his observant and analytical nature during interviews. I could feel


Obama meets with Cuban LGBT activists

Two independent LGBT rights advocates are among the members of Cuban civil society with whom President Obama met on Tuesday in Havana. Juana Mora Cedeño of Alianza Mano and Nelson Álvarez Matute, who works with her organization, attended the meeting in the Cuban capital. A pool report indicates that Secretary of State John Kerry, National


Cuban police harass LGBT advocate ahead of Obama visit

An independent Cuban LGBT rights advocate says a police officer came to his home ahead of President Obama’s arrival on the Communist island. Cuban Foundation for LGBT Rights President Nelson Gandulla Diaz told the Washington Blade on Monday during a telephone interview from the city of Cienfuegos that a female police officer came to his


Wrong and outdated views towards LGBT people endanger their fundamental rights

In some Member States, doctors still view homosexuality as a disease and transsexuality as a mental disorder, according to findings from a new report by the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA). Such negative views of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) people in society, among professional groups and policy makers hampers efforts to counter


Faroe Islands rejects same-sex marriage

Faroe Islands, a self-governing archipelago part of Denmark, has rejected same-sex marriage. Comprising of 18 rocky, volcanic islands between Iceland and Norway in the North Atlantic Ocean, it remains the only Nordic country to not have adopted same-sex unions in any form. A majority of 26 out of total 33 members in the Faroe Islands


Botswana government loses battle to ban gay group

Botswana’s highest court has said the organization Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals of Botswana (LEGABIBO) can be allowed to register. A five-judge bench at the Court of Appeals said the refusal had been unconstitutional. Activists launched their legal battle after the Home Affairs Ministry rejected an application to register the gay rights lobby group. But judges

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Indonesian lawmakers considering LGBT propaganda bill

Indonesian lawmakers are considering a bill that would block websites promoting so-called LGBT propaganda. The Jakarta Post reported that a commission in the Indonesian House of Representatives on March 3 urged the country’s Ministry of Communications and Information to consider the measure. Spokesperson Ismail Cowidu told the Jakarta Post that his ministry has created a


Russian Ministry of Health proposes sexologist offices in mental hospitals

In February, the Russian Ministry of Health published a new draft order that proposes amendments to the “Procedure for the provision of medical care in cases of mental and behavioral disorders.” Practically, it proposes establishment of offices of sexologists and outlines their activities, equipment, and staff. The changes are presented by the Ministry as aimed at improving health


South Dakota Gov. Vetoes Anti-Trans ‘Bathroom Bill’

Gov. Dennis Daugaard vetoed a measure that would have forced trans students to use the wrong restrooms and locker rooms for their gender identity. South Dakota Gov. Dennis Daugaard today vetoed a bill that would have restricted transgender students’ use of restrooms, locker rooms, and other gender-specific facilities in public schools. The bill “does not


Dutch city to get gay traffic lights

The Dutch city of Utrecht is to follow a number of other European cities and install ‘gay’ traffic lights. The city council installed the lights, which feature two men and two women holding hands, at two pedestrian crossings in the city. The city claimed the move was made to show how it would accept all