Šarūnas Birutis, a member of European Parliament from Lithuania, outraged by photographs of gays at the European Parliament. He states that sexual minorities conduct ‘aggressive policy’. “Sexual minorities lobbyists are particularly actively working at the European Parliament with an aim of legalising child adoption by same-sex couples” a statement distributed by the Euro parliamentarian’s office

The first ever Baltic Pride will take place in Riga May 15 – 17, 2009

In May next year three organisations from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will organise the first ever joint Pride event in Riga. The Pride event is aimed at drawing attention to the situation for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) people in the three Baltic countries and encouraging people of different sexual orientation to celebrate diversity

“Tolerant” Lithuanians avoid facing the “different” – poll

Five percent of Lithuanians admit to being intolerant, but only less than one third would be able to work and communicate with other foreigners, homosexuals or disabled, shows the poll by Center of Public Opinion and Market Research Vilmorus. Specialists explain this phenomenon as “hidden intolerance” – when a person thinks and claims to be

Lithuanian minister admits national homophobia problem

Lithuanian Foreign Minister Petras Vaitiekunas told the national parliament Monday that the country’s reputation for homophobia was justified. “This is true: Lithuania is one of the most homophobic countries in the EU. This has to be viewed as a fact,” Vaitiekunas said in response to a parliamentary question from Member of Parliament Ausrine Marija Pavilioniene.

The EU “For Diversity. Against Discrimination.” truck is travelling around Europe to promote diversity, tolerance and raising awareness about EU legislation prohibiting discrimination on the grounds of gender, disability, age, religion/belief, race/ethnicity and sexual orientation. While stopping in various destinations across Europe, it engages locals to learn more about EU anti-discrimination laws, co-operate with local

The Mayor: I Share Traditional World View

The Anti-Discrimination Truck touring Europe is not desirable in Kaunas, because the action will be joined by Lithuanian gays. Kaunas municipal authorities received an application to organise in the location near Akropolis shopping centre and St Cross (Carmelites) Church an event promoting tolerance. Upon the initiative of the European Commission, the truck decorated in the

‘Tolerance Truck’ Knocks at the Gates of Vilnius Again

A Delegation of the European Commission to Lithuania has asked for permission from the Vilnius City Municipality to organise an event that was banned last year—the appearance of the ‘tolerance truck’ at the Town Hall Square. Lithuanian gays are also getting ready for participation in the campaign. Contrary to last year, however, there is no

Gays of the world watch Lithuania

A homophobic country where gays and lesbians often have to hide their sexual orientation, cannot kiss in public or otherwise demonstrate their romantic feelings; and due to intolerance in society, they are often forced to emigrate—this is how Lithuania is described by leaders of the oldest gay and lesbian organization COC Netherlands. Currently, the organization

The Seimas eventually managed to pass the Law on Equal Treatment by which discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and other grounds was banned. Yet, before voting took place, a provision appeared in the bill which allowed non compliance with the equality principle in educational and training institutions of religious communities. On Tuesday, 64

Equal treatment bill stalls in Lithuanian parliament

Not enough MPs turned up to vote for a new equality law in the Lithuanian parliament and the legislation will have to be rescheduled. In total eight MPs voted against, 17 abstained and 59 MPs have voted in favour of a proposal to include sexual orientation, age, disability and religion as grounds of prohibited discrimination into

Press release of the Lithuanian Gay League

Yesterday Republic of Lithuania Seimas (parliament) after holding discussions approved the draft law amending Law on Equal Opportunities No. XP-2384 (6*) EU), containing the amendments passed during the meeting. During the discussions, the proposal made by MP Egidijus Klumbys was approved, by which the concept “on the basis of age, sexual orientation, social status, disability,

Lithuania criticized in Amnesty report

In its 2008 report on the state of human rights worldwide, Amnesty said: “Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) peoples’ human rights were not respected and several LGBT events were cancelled in a discriminatory manner. (The Lithuanian) parliament also discussed banning information which would put homosexuality in a positive light to minors.” The report also