Gays and lesbians constantly experience threat in Lithuania

Representatives of sexual minorities feel unsafe in Lithuania, because being a gay or lesbian in this country means living under continuous risk to your health and even life. This disturbing news reached the world yesterday when participants of the Annual Conference of the European Branch of the International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA) held in

Lithuanians dislike adultery, homosexuality, cloning and casinos

The opinion of Lithuanians on adultery, homosexuality, human cloning, forms of gambling, and the production of genetically modified organisms for foodstuffs is particularly negative. This emerged after “Baltijos tyrimai” carried out a survey involving more than a thousand people. The results of the survey show that the most unacceptable things to Lithuanians are adultery in

Show about gays banned in Lithuania

Show about gays banned By Rimantė Kulvinskytė, L.T. TV viewers will not be able to watch an LNK show Jeigu (What If?) on Tuesday, which deals with the issues of sexual minorities. The sponsors did not like the opinions expressed on this show, which the producers of Jeigu consider to be objective. According to its

NOT PRIVATE ENOUGH? According to the pronouncements of some Lithuanian politicians and public figures, LGBT people can express their identities and sexualities only in certain places and spaces and to certain people. They must lead strictly compartmentalized private and public lives. Homosexuality is acceptable only as long as it remains private. The media analysis and

Gay rainbow arouses passion

The windows of the trolleybus in Kaunas with gay and lesbian sexual advertising were broken and the trolleybus in Vilnius unexpectedly broke down and did not leave the garage. The forthcoming events organized by the fighters for sexual minority rights in Vilnius may end in failure. Even the majority of the MPs do not support

New research reveals the situation of homosexuals in Lithuania

The researchers from Kaunas Vytautas Magnus University conducted a research “Homosexuals in public and private spaces: socialistic and postsoviet context in Lithuania”. Below are the main thesis and results of this research, which is the first step towards sociological analysis of homosexual people in Lithuania. Transformation in the sphere of gender and sexuality was caused