MEP: Ban Baltic Pride in city centre blemish on Lithuanian Presidency

Today Dutch MEP Sophie in ‘t Veld raised questions to the European Comission and the Council on the ban of the Baltic Pride march in the city centre of Vilnius, Lithuania. According to the Vilnius authorities the police would not be able to ensure public safety at Vilnius’ main street and therefore they want to

LGL partially wins a court case on Baltic Pride 2013

Lithuanian Gay League (LGL) today partially won their appeal against the decision of the Vilnius City Municipality not to allow the upcoming Baltic Pride march to be held on Gediminas Avenue, the main street of Vilnius. Vilnius Regional Administrative Court ruled that the decision of the Municipality was not legal. The organizers of Baltic Pride

Lithuanian Gay League (LGL) has appealed against Vilnius municipal authorities’ decision to ban a gay march through the Lithuanian capital’s central Gediminas Avenue. LGL is of a position that this decision runs counter to the goal of the March for Equality, i.e. to attract attention of the state and the general public to the local

Police Department against Baltic Pride on main street of Vilnius

Lithuanian Gay League (LGL), main organizer of Baltic Pride 2013, in January appealed the Vilnius City Administration’s decision to issue a permit for the Pride Parade to be held in the isolated location of Upės Street, requesting once again permission for Gedimino Avenue, the main street of Vilnius. In response to the complaint made by

Lithuanian Parliament will not host LGBT conference

The Board of the Parliament has not allowed organizing an international conference on the parliamentary premises, which was dedicated towards the protection of sexual minorities’ rights. The main argument behind this decision is that there is a lack of human resources for other events, which are not related to the Lithuanian Presidency of the Council

Lord Mayor of Copenhagen: City of Vilnius must support Baltic Pride

Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, Mr. Frank Jensen, has approached Mayor of Vilnius, Mr. Arturas Zuokas, to express his support for Baltic Pride 2013 and concern over some organizational issues regarding the Pride Parade. Lord Mayor Jensen has learned from Lithuanian Gay League (LGL) that Baltic Pride is facing some challenges in communication with the Vilnius

Baltic Pride must go ahead without hindrance

Amnesty International wrote to the Mayor of Vilnius to express its deep concerns with regard to the restrictions imposed by Vilnius municipal authorities on the Baltic Pride 2013, whose march is planned to take place on 27 July on the main city avenue. Amnesty International believes that the restrictions imposed by the Vilnius municipality authorities

MP Petras Gražulis Promises to Fight Homosexuals Once Again

The MP Petras Gražulis, who is currently in the governing coalition, will seek to prohibit ‘homosexual propaganda’ in Lithuania anew. According to the MP, it will be his response to the March for Equality in Vilnius, which is organized by the Lithuanian Gay League (LGL) in July, 2013. Mr. Gražulis is planning to propose a

Vilnius Municipality Objects Pride March along the Central Avenue

Last Friday the LGL logged a notification to the Vilnius City Municipality on the planned date, time and location of the upcoming Baltic Pride 2013 March for Equality in Vilnius. The March for Equality is planned to take place on 27 July 2013 (Saturday) on the main avenue, i.e. Gediminas Avenue, in the downtown of reports that the LGBT March for Equality might become one of highlights in the beginning of the Lithuanian EU Presidency in the second half of 2013. The Baltic Pride 2013 March is scheduled in July, 2013, i.e. immediately after Lithuania takes over the EU Presidency. According to Vladimir Simonko, the Board Chair of the