Meet our designers!

Joana Estrela

joana1At the age of seven I started to draw things that people said around me. My working method didn’t change much since then. I studied Communication Design in the Fine-Arts Faculty in Porto and still live next to my old school, currently working as a freelance illustrator and designer. After graduating, in 2012, I spent a year doing my EVS at LGL. In 2014, Plana published my book Propaganda, an autobiographic comic about my experience at LGL and organizing Baltic Pride 2013.

 You can see more of Joana’s works on her personal page.



Mayina Mukhammadjanova

1Hey people, my name is Mayina and I have been an EVS volunteer for the past 10 months. I guess I could tell you something about me, about the places I have lived in, about my experiences as a graphic designer, about the school where I graduated, about my dog and other details, but.. I am afraid you could get bored and I don’t want this. The most important thing you have to know about me is that I love to take pictures: pictures for everything – and then I like to create t-shirts, pillows, special cases, posters, books covers, and whatever my friends may enjoy.

I like to travel and make sketches, that nobody actually will ever see but I can swear to you that they are quite interesting. I worked at LGL to design a brunch of products, which hopefully will have a strong emotional impact. Do you want to know something else about me? I like painting walls, colors, white letters, sneakers, running, and all the things that can inspire me and I hope can inspire other people too. 

You can see more of Mayina’s works on her portfolio pages: here and here.

Veronica Perez Nuño


994559_10201593780064965_440316571_nI have been an European volunteer in 2015/16 in JDC, a daily centre for diversable people in Panevėžys. I passed three days in LGL’s office, where I developed five designs for the online shop, having some really interesting and funny time. The working environment is very good, the colleagues are lovely and the freedom of expression while implementing the personal tasks is remarkable.
By chatting with the staff and with my friend Yuri Michieletti I had the possibility of matching thoughts about neutral pronouns, intersex conditions, and so much more, which taught me something new and helped me developing my ideas, drafts and drawings.

I think his and their work is great, as LGBT* rights are not really much respected in this country. There is so much left to do, so I see the role of organizations like LGL as essential for society, because they have the task of fighting for inclusion, respect and freedom of a huge part of the population.

I am really excited about having participated in the first EVS exchange and I hope the organization will be able to get some serious support also from the sales of my works!