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LGL and Embassies Cooperate on the Baltic Pride 2016

On May 26th, 2016 the representatives of the National LGBT* rights organization LGL and 13 foreign ambassadors in Lithuania participated in a meeting as far as preparations for the Baltic Pride 2016 festival in Vilnius are concerned. The meeting was hosted by the Netherlands Embassy in Vilnius and the Embassy of Denmark in Vilnius. During


LGL is searching for a new EVS volunteer!

Are you fired up for human rights and want to gain experience in LGBT* activism? Do you want to figure out what does Lithuania means? This call is just for you! We have an approved EVS project and looking for a volunteer, who can start volunteering in July 2016.


Nauru decriminalizes homosexuality

Nauru announced last week that it has decriminalized homosexuality in the Pacific island nation. A press release that Nauru’s government released on May 27 said the Crimes Act 2016 “removed homosexuality as an offense.” The decriminalization of consensual same-sex relations is part of a new criminal code that lawmakers in the Pacific island nation have

CALGARY, AB, CANADA - JANUARY 23:  Newly elected Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper (R), leader of the Conservative Party, gestures as he celebrates his win with his wife, Laureen Teskey, and their two children, Benjamin and Rachel, at the Telus Convention Centre January 23, 2006 in Calgary, Alberta. Harper takes over the position from former Liberal Leader Paul Martin.  (Photo by Chris Bolin/Getty Images)

Canada’s Conservative Party officially stops opposing gay marriage

The Conservative Party in Canada has just voted to officially support same-sex marriage, eleven years after the country introduced it. The party, established twelve years ago, voted on Saturday to remove support for a “traditional” definition of marriage in its policy book. MP and leadership hopeful Maxime Bernier said: “It’s about telling Canadians that you


Youth exchange „Share Your Colors“ is coming!

During May 9-10th days there was an Advanced Planning Visit (abbr. APV) for a youth exchange called „Share Your Colors“. People from Greece, the Netherlands, Italy, Bulgaria, Check Republic, Macedonia, Latvia and Lithuania gathered to Ommen, a town in the east of Netherlands, to establish a group of leaders who will be responsible for smooth

Revelers protest against Brazilian interim President Michel Temer during the 20th Gay Pride Parade, whose theme is "Gender identity law, NOW! Everyone together against transphobia!",in Sao Paulo, Brazil on May 29, 2016.  / AFP / Miguel Schincariol        (Photo credit should read MIGUEL SCHINCARIOL/AFP/Getty Images)

Sao Paulo just hosted the world’s biggest Pride

Sao Paolo, Brazil, has just hosted the world’s biggest Pride parade. Hundreds of thousands of revellers took to the streets, many supporting a federal proposed law to allow trans Brazilians to legally change their gender. The bill also states that government health providers must cover gender reassignment. The Pride in Sao Paulo began at 10am

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - SEPTEMBER 07:  (L-R) Director Kim Jho Kwang-Soo and Kim Seung-Hwan (David Kim) celebrate during their wedding as the first same-sex couple to get married in South Korea at the Cheonggyecheon on September 7, 2013 in Seoul, South Korea. The couple also plans to officially register their marriage after the ceremony, however South Korea does not recognize same-sex marriage or any other form of legal union for same-sex couples as of now.  (Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images)

South Korea set for more court battles over same-sex marriage ban

Several more court battles are expected in South Korea, after judges rejected equal marriage. A lawsuit filed by a prominent gay film director and his partner seeking legal status for their same-sex marriage was rejected by a South Korean district court this month in the first case of its kind. Same-sex couples have no legal recognition


LGL Invites to the Baltic Pride 2016 March for Equality

We cannot believe it but the Baltic Pride March for Equality is coming back to the streets of Vilnius for the third time in the history of Lithuania. This time it is even more courageous, even more joyful, even more colorful – “WE ARE PEOPLE, NOT PROPAGANDA!” YOU can be a part of the LGBT*


Protesters disrupt Moldova Pride march

Protesters disrupted an LGBT Pride march in the Moldovan capital of Chisinau on Sunday last week. Hundreds of people with Moldovan and Orthodox flags and crucifixes began yelling at the more than 150 advocates who were taking part in the march before police officers ushered them onto buses that took them to a hotel. The


First same-sex marriage takes place in Colombia

Two men on Tuesday became the first same-sex couple to legally marry in Colombia. Fernando Quimbayo and José Ticora, who have been together for two years, exchanged vows before a registrar in the city of Cali. Colombia’s constitutional court last month ruled same-sex couples have the right to marry in the South American country. Jorge


Ieva Ruzgytė is the first athlete to represent Lithuania in the “Gay Games”, taking place in Paris in 2018. We talked with Ieva about what made her decide to participate in this tournament and in the events of Baltic Pride 2016. You are an accomplished judo master. What motivated you to talk about the importance


Romanian groups push for same-sex marriage ban

Romanian campaigners said Monday (23 May) they had collected three million signatures on a petition to block same-sex unions in the EU member state. Several groups linked to the Orthodox Church and united under the umbrella Coalition for Family are seeking a constitutional amendment to narrowly define marriage as the “union between a man and