Colourful Childhoods Project Gains Momentum

Violence against children can take up many forms. The negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are specifically worse for children in vulnerable contexts, whose specific needs regarding gender-based violence can be overseen in the current context of social and economic crisis. This is the reason why the project Colourful Childhoods focuses on violence against LGBTIQ+

SafeNet Project Presents 3rd Fact Sheets on Continuous Monitoring

National LGBT rights organization LGL is implementing a 24 month project SafeNet: Monitoring and Reporting for Safer Online Environments. Joining 21 partners and coordinated by INACH (International Network against Cyber Hate), the project focuses on continuous monitoring and reporting hate speech content to the IT companies and responsible authorities and awareness raising by regular advocacy

LGL Renewed its Efforts to End LGBT Content Censorship in Lithuania

For thirteen years now, the regulatory system in Lithuania has embedded a law resembling the Russian anti-gay propaganda laws: the Law on the Protection of Minors Against the Detrimental Effect of Public Information. One of its amendments defines harmful information as “disdaining family values” and promoting “alternative” family. Although the Government assured that the law

Hot air balloons with huge rainbow-coloured flags fly over Vilnius. This is what the viewers of the documentary “Pride from Above” produced by the television giant National Geographic saw. The spectacular images were captured on June 6, 2022 at 5 a.m. There were 8 hours left before the Baltic Pride 2022 march on Gediminas Avenue.

LGL Annual Report for 2022 Now Available Online

The National LGBT rights organization LGL is proud to announce the annual report for 2022. Transparency and independence from any political or financial interests are one of the most important goals for our organization in order to achieve effective inclusion and social integration of local LGBT community. LGL’s annual report for 2022 comprehensively presents organization’s activities,

On 28th of July, 2023, LGL organized intersectional discussion on hate crime victim support with the cooperation of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania. A group of experts discussed the challenges of providing support to victims of hate crimes and the opportunities for improving the system of providing assistance. The meeting focused on the

LGL Briefs Council of Europe on Execution of Beizaras and Levickas v. Lithuania

On July 31st, 2023, LGL submitted a brief regarding execution of Beizaras and Levickas v. Lithuania (Application Number 41288/15) under the Rule 9.2 of the Rules of the Committee of Ministers for supervising execution of the ECtHR judgments. While LGL, which also represented applicants before national courts as well as the European Court of Human Rights (ECHtR),

Vilnius court rejects request to register same-sex marriage

The Vilnius District Court on Friday rejected an appeal from a same-sex couple seeking to have their marriage recognised by the Lithuanian authorities, reports The two male claimants were asking the court to oblige the Vilnius City Civil Registry Office to register their marriage and to have it entered into the Register of Marriage

Baltic States have joined 35 other countries in a statement of support coinciding with the 28th Budapest Pride Festival in Hungary. Issued by the U.S. Embassy in Hungary, the statement is in effect a call for Budapest to rescind legislative amendments which are seen as discriminating against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex (LGBTQI+) persons

Vilnius Pride took place on the 1st of July, Mayor participated at the event

Thousands of LGBTIQ community members and its allies marched in a successful Vilnius Pride event which took place on the 1st of July. Newly elected Vilnius Mayor Valdas Benkunskas also joined the Pride march this year. According to the organizers of the event, “LGBTQ+ people in Lithuania are still being used as political tools –

Klaipėda district mayor Bronius Markauskas says that he himself will not support the initiative of the Lithuanian Family Movement to adopt a declaration “On stopping genderism propaganda and LGBTQ+ ideology in the municipality” and will urge his colleagues not to support it as well, BNS reports. Lithuanian Family Movement  (Lietuvos šeimų sąjūdis) is a non-governmental organization closely allied

Authorities took first steps to preserve LGBTIQ heritage in Lithuania

After the massive success of Baltic Pride 2022 in Vilnius, the National Museum of Lithuania took the first steps to preserve the vibrant LGBTIQ heritage in Lithuania. Last year, the Museum’s History Collections Department began collecting exhibits from the LGBT+ community and approached  Lithuanian Gay League (LGL) for cooperation. LGL began its LGBTIQ human rights advocacy work