Randy Berry marks first year as LGBT envoy

Special U.S. Envoy for the Human Rights of LGBTI Persons Randy Berry told the Washington Blade last week that anti-transgender violence remains a “grave” problem around the world. “A year ago I appreciated it more as an academic or intellectual reality,” he said during an interview at the State Department on April 20. “But over

A pastor and a bishop in North Carolina have married a gay couple in an act of “civil disobedience”. The wedding was kept secret to stop “people having time to organise a protest”, and even had to hire security to keep demonstrators out. John Romano and Jim Wilborne, both 52, were married in Charlotte North Carolina

Louisiana governor signs executive order protecting LGBTI workers

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards on Wednesday (13 April) signed an executive order prohibiting state agencies and state contractors from discriminating against LGBTI employees and others.   Edwards said his action was needed in order to rescind an anti-gay ‘religious freedom’ executive order signed by his predecessor Bobby Jindal last May. Jindal’s order had prohibited

Argentina joins global LGBT rights initiative

Argentina has become the third Latin American country to join a U.S. initiative that seeks to promote LGBT rights around the world. The White House on Wednesday said that Argentina “agreed to join the” the Global Equality Fund, a public-private partnership the State Department manages with the U.S. Agency for International Development. The announcement coincided

North Carolina Governor signs vile LGBT protection-voiding bill

The Governor of North Carolina has signed into law a vile bill which voids all local laws protecting LGBT people. Last night the US state of North Carolina passed the law which voids all local ordinances protecting LGBT rights. The bill, HB 2, which was passed by the General Assembly with 83-24, and after only

Cuban police harass LGBT advocate ahead of Obama visit

An independent Cuban LGBT rights advocate says a police officer came to his home ahead of President Obama’s arrival on the Communist island. Cuban Foundation for LGBT Rights President Nelson Gandulla Diaz told the Washington Blade on Monday during a telephone interview from the city of Cienfuegos that a female police officer came to his

Half of black gay men will get HIV in their lifetime

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have evaluated the HIV risk to gay African-American men for the first time.     The CDC, which has tracked data related to HIV transmission for many years, released a study which breaks down the ‘lifetime risk’ of HIV infection among groups including men who have sex with men.

Indian court protects trans man ‘forced into arranged marriage’ with another man

The court has provided protection for a man tricked into visiting the country by his parents. Shivy, 18, is technically an Indian citizen – but has been living in the USA for fifteen years. The court move comes after he alleged that his parents tried to forcibly marry him off to a man after tricking him

Kentucky Clerk jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to gays

Clerks in Kentucky’s Rowan County have been ordered to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. But their defiant boss Kim Davis has refused to comply with the rules and is now in jail. US District Judge David Bunning said he had no choice but to send Rowan County clerk Kim Davis to jail for not

Pentagon to lift ban on transgender soldiers

The Pentagon will end a ban on transgender troops within the next year, according to reports. A draft memo from The Pentagon has revealed that the United States government plan to lift the ban on transgender troops by May 27, 2016, reports USA Today. The Pentagon has come under increasing pressure to amend regulations and