Harvey Bernard Milk (1930-1978), a San Francisco city politician with Lithuanian roots, helped open the door for gays and lesbians in the United States by bringing civil rights for homosexuals, among many other issues, to the political table. Since Milk’s murder in 1978, he has remained a symbol of activism. As a boy. Harvey Bernard

Obama condemns anti-LGBT violence in final United Nations speech as US President

President Barack Obama has made his last ever United Nations speech as US President and used it to condemn anti-LGBT violence. In the speech at the UN, President Obama warned US voters against embracing isolationism and ultra-nationalism in November’s Presidential election. He also warned against discriminating against minority groups, saying: “I do not believe progress

Pennsylvania Updates Birth Certificate Gender Change Policy

Great news for transgender people born in Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania just became the 12th state in the U.S. to modernize their birth certificate policy! Under Pennsylvania’s new policy, individuals no longer need to provide proof of surgery to update the gender marker on their birth certificate. That removes a significant hurdle for many transgender people. Under Pennsylvania’s

Following a decision to cancel the official Cleveland Pride celebration, defiant LGBT groups say they plan to hold the event anyway. The 28th annual Pride event had been set to take place in Cleveland, Ohio on August 13 – but the event was cancelled under mysterious circumstances last week. Cleveland Pride CEO Todd J Saporito said: “We have

Obama celebrates equal marriage in last DNC speech as US President

Barack Obama has celebrated same-sex marriage in his last ever Democratic National Convention (DNC) speech as President of the United States. Speaking at the convention, Mr Obama also said he felt his administration had brought together people regardless of gender, sexual orientation or race. He said: “We put policies in place to help students with

‘My name is Sarah McBride, and I am a proud transgender American!’ A major historical milestone was made for the transgender community as trans woman Sarah McBride took to the stage to address the crowd at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on Thursday. The 25-year-old is the first ever openly trans person to speak

Baltimore shows its Pride despite heat

As Baltimore Pride’s rainbow-hued parade meandered along Charles Street in the Mount Vernon neighborhood under a blazing cloudless sky, Reginald Morris remarked, “More people should come, it’s a fun day.”  The Baltimore resident received his wish as an estimated 10,000 sweat-drenched souls braved blistering heat to view more than 100 units marching in the parade

Cleveland mayor signs transgender rights bill

CLEVELAND — Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson on Friday signed a bill that expands his city’s nondiscrimination law. Jackson signed Ordinance 1466-13, which amends Cleveland’s anti-LGBT discrimination law to prohibit businesses from banning their employees and customers to use restrooms that are consistent with their gender identity, during a ceremony at Cleveland City Hall. Equality Ohio

Barack Obama has issued a Pride Month proclamation for the final time as President, to mark June as LGBT Pride Month. “Since our founding, America has advanced on an unending path toward becoming a more perfect Union. This journey, led by forward-thinking individuals who have set their sights on reaching for a brighter tomorrow, has

US Attorney General: Transgender rights are about fundamental fairness

US Attorney General Loretta Lynch has said that she considers transgender rights a crucial part of anti-discrimination laws. A wave of Republican-backed ‘bathroom bills’ have spread across the US aimed at rolling back LGBT rights protections – ostensibly to stop transgender people from using their preferred bathroom. The laws, many of which expand well beyond