Tens of thousands of people turned out for Pride in Seoul, South Korea on July 15. An estimated 85,000 people joined in the celebrations which took place in the capital city, making it the biggest Pride parade to be held in the city yet. Despite the rain, people from the LGBT community joined in the


South Korea ‘Witch-Hunt’ for Gay Soldiers Must End, Campaigners Say

Campaigners are calling on a witch-hunt for gay soldiers to end immediately. According to campaign group the Military Human Rights Center for Korea (MHRCK), General Jang Jun-kyu, army chief of staff in South Korea launched a “track-down process” to find and out suspected gay personnel. This included setting up fake profiles on dating apps to

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - SEPTEMBER 07:  (L-R) Director Kim Jho Kwang-Soo and Kim Seung-Hwan (David Kim) celebrate during their wedding as the first same-sex couple to get married in South Korea at the Cheonggyecheon on September 7, 2013 in Seoul, South Korea. The couple also plans to officially register their marriage after the ceremony, however South Korea does not recognize same-sex marriage or any other form of legal union for same-sex couples as of now.  (Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images)

South Korea set for more court battles over same-sex marriage ban

Several more court battles are expected in South Korea, after judges rejected equal marriage. A lawsuit filed by a prominent gay film director and his partner seeking legal status for their same-sex marriage was rejected by a South Korean district court this month in the first case of its kind. Same-sex couples have no legal recognition

South Korea Olympiad

South Korean teachers banned from talking about LGBT issues

New sex education guidelines outlaw teaching about sexual minorities. The guidelines, issued to schools and teachers this week state that “sex education is not intended to be an opportunity for teachers to share their views on sexuality” and “teaching about homosexuality is not permitted.” It also orders teachers to remove any references to LGBT issues from