Taiwan Becomes First Nation in Asia to Rule in Favor of Marriage Equality

Court says ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional; unless law is amended within two years, marriage equality becomes legal. Taiwan is set to be the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage.A top court in the country today ruled that the current law, banning same-sex marriage, is unconstitutional. Marriage equality can become law in two years

Same-sex Marriage Could Come to Panama if Activists Win Legal Fight

Same-sex marriage could be coming to Panama if LGBTI activists win a legal fight with the Supreme Court of Justice. Álvaro José López Levy is hoping for the Central American country’s highest court to agree to change the legal definition of marriage to include same-sex couples. Article 26 of the Family Code currently defines marriage as

Finland Same-sex Marriage Law Takes Effect

A law that extends marriage and adoption rights to same-sex couples in Finland took effect last Wednesday, 1st March 2017. Members of Finland’s Parliament approved a same-sex marriage bill — which also extended adoption rights to gay and lesbian couples — in 2014. The Associated Press reported more than 100,000 people signed a petition that

Slovenia Allows Same-Sex Marriage

Country’s first lesbian wedding took place last weekend, but gay couples are not allowed to adopt. Slovenia permitted same-sex marriage for the first time, with a law coming into effect that gives gay couples largely the same rights as heterosexuals, but bars them from jointly adopting children, Reuters reported. At least one same-sex couple got married in Slovenia

Church of Norway Approves Same-Sex-Inclusive Liturgy

The Church of Norway has approved a new liturgy inclusive of same-sex weddings taking place in churches there. The measure was approved by 89 of the members of the general synod at the Evangelical-Lutheran church in Trondheim on Monday. Delegate Gard Sandaker-Nilsen said of the vote: “This is the day when a prayer and a

Same-sex Marriage Concluded Abroad Recognized by Appeals Court in Estonia

An appeals court in Estonia has overturned the ruling of a first-tier court and ordered the Harju County Government to enter a marriage concluded between two men in Sweden into the national population register, gay rights nonprofit MTÜ SEKY said on Tuesday, 24 January 2017. In 2015, the county government refused to enter into Estonia’s

Australia Says No to Civil Celebrants Allowed to Reject Same Sex Marriages

92.6% of LGBTI survey respondents are against civil celebrants being exempt from performing same-sex marriages due to religious convictions. A survey of LGBTI Australians reveals concerns about legal discrimination in refusing to perform same-sex marriages. Funded by PFLAG, the survey showed huge opposition among LGBTI Australians to exemptions targeted exclusively at same-sex couples. When asked

Every Tenth Supports Same-Sex Partnership in Lithuania

In the course of four years only a very slight change in Lithuanian citizens’ attitude towards the introduction of same-sex civil partnership in Lithuania was recorded by a public poll commissioned by the Lithuanian Chamber of Notaries. According to the poll, only 11 % of Lithuanians support the introduction of same-sex civil partnership in Lithuania,

Gibraltar’s First Same Sex Marriage

Gibraltar saw its first same sex marriage on December 16, 2016 at the Civil Status and Registration Office. Adrian Charles Triay-Dignam tied the knot with his partner Aaron Mills in the first such union since Parliament voted to change the law in October. Registry official Austin Viagas concluded the ceremony by saying “It is my honour

On December 5th, 2016 the Supreme Administrative Court of Lithuania ruled that the case regarding the Lithuanian Migration Department‘s refusal to issue a temporary residence permit to a Belarusian man, who is married to his Lithuanian same-sex partner under the Danish law, will be referred to the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Lithuania. The