Dutch Men Hold Hands Against Anti-LGBT Violence

A married couple was attacked by a group of young men while holding hands at night in the city of Arnhem. Straight Dutch men have launched a campaign to hold hands in solidarity. From politicians to police to priests, heterosexual men from the Netherlands have been showing their opposition to anti-LGBT violence by holding hands

Dutch king meets with LGBT activists

The king of the Netherlands met with members of a Dutch LGBT advocacy group last month. King Willem-Alexander met with COC Nederland staff and volunteers in The Hague on Nov. 22. He also spoke with LGBT youth, seniors and those with bicultural or religious backgrounds. The meeting coincided with COC Nederland’s 70th anniversary. “It’s a

Aruba votes to recognise same-sex unions with marriage-equivalent benefits

Aruba just gave its same-sex couples the right to legally register their unions and to receive benefits equivalent to those afforded to married couples. The legislature on Friday voted to recognise the unions. Benefits include being able to make medical decisions on behalf of their partner and the right to receive pension payments after the

Dutch LGBTI activists call for full rights in Caribbean countries

The Kingdom territories follow Dutch laws – with some exceptions One float in particular stood out at the Amsterdam Pride parade on Saturday. The parade, which took place on the canal, had a float present to raise awareness about LGBTI rights in Dutch Caribbean countries. The Netherlands is progressive as a country – it was

A large majority in the Upper Chambre indicated they were in favour of the abolition of the ‘enkele-feitconstructie’ during debate on 3 March. The legal provision allows religious schools to dismiss, refuse or send away lesbian, gay and bisexual teachers and pupils. The proposal for abolition will be voted on next week. With this decision

Dutch Show Interest in Lithuania’s LGBT* Situation

Last Friday, October 10th, The Association LGL hosted a delegation from Dutch political party “Democrats 66”. The Dutch politicians, who ranged from just beginners to seasoned politicians, visited LGL to learn about the situation of politics and human rights in Lithuania. Hans Hindriks, the leader of the delegation, volunteered in Vilnius a couple of years

Visit of Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, February 21st 2014

On February 21st a delegation of 21 employees from the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science visited LGL office, with the aim to improve awareness of the history and contemporary societal achievements and challenges in the new EU member-states. LGL welcomed them and presented its work and all the challenges in Lithuania for gaining