LGBT Activists Marching for Equal Rights in Montenegro

Dozens of LGBT activists and their supporters have gathered for a pride event in Podgorica on Saturday, December 17, 2016. Activists marched through the Montenegrin capital carrying banners that read “born this way” and “equality for everyone”. The Balkan country is known for having highly conservative attitudes towards the gay community, with one survey finding

Montenegrin Police bans Nikšić Pride for third time this year

For the third time this year, police in the city of Nikšić, Montenegro, has banned a pride march. The Pride was banned quoting security threats. The Orthodox Church mobilised against the Pride, while nationalists and football hooligans had threatened to disturb the march. Earlier Pride marches in the capital city, Podgorica, and Budva, were well-protected

Amid heightened security, several hundred participants carried banners and rainbow flags, and blew whistles on the city’s streets. The chief organizer, Daneijel Kalezic, told marchers that gay people would “not give up” until homosexuals had obtained freedoms “like everyone else.” The police in Podgorica used tear gas against opponents of the city’s first ever gay