On July 8th, 2014 the Lithuanian Parliament Seimas considered the bill amendment to the Law on Public Registry No. XIP-2017(3).  Despite the fact that the bill consists of multiple amendments to the law in question, i.e. seeking to simplify the functioning of the public registry by enabling residents to submit inquires and to fill in

On 19 June 2014 the Lithuanian Parliament Seimas refused to drop the controversial amendment to the Criminal Code, which would remove criminal liability for homophobic hate speech. 18 MPs voted in favor of considering this amendment further while 11 MPs abstained (29 MPs in total), thus outnumbering 25 MPs who voted against the proposal. According

Lithuania: two parties in the ruling coalition express their anti-LGBT agenda

Representatives of the Lithuanian Labour Party and Order and Justice express their views on LGBT issues to lrt.lt. The deputy chairman of the Lithuanian Labour Party Kęstutis Daukšys was asked a question about the party’s short program, which states that Members of the European Parliament representing the Labour Party are going to protect people from

Fines that go up to 6,000 litas for “public defiance of family values” are being discussed in the Parliament, while MPs themselves don’t seem to to have a clear definition of what is “public defiance of the family”. This is the third attempt by MP Peter Gražulis to restrict the freedom of expression of LGBT*

In relation to the conference of the EU parliament speakers which took place in Vilnius on the 6-8th of April, association LGL has sent out the letters to the members of national delegations. LGL requested them seize an opportunity to express disapproval of the draft amendments restricting LGBT persons’ rights which are to be considered

Chair of the Lithuanian Parliament Loreta Graužinienė and Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius presented the tasks for the spring session of the Parliament on Monday, March 10th. Four homophobic bills and amendments to the existing laws are scheduled for the session. At the spring session the parliamentarians will consider the amendment to the Code of Administrative

Despite the international pressure and concern, tomorrow (13 March) Lithuanian Parliament will vote on the draft amendment to the Code of Administrative Violations No. XIP-4490(3) which seeks to introduce administrative liability for any public defiance of the constitutionally established family values. According to the proposal, such actions as carrying out public speeches, demonstrating goods, posters,

Lithuanian Parliament endorses constitutional amendment linking family to marriage

On 10 December 2013 the Lithuanian Parliament voted in favour of the Constitutional amendment, which redefines a constitutionally protected concept of “family life” as emanating from traditional marriage by a man and a woman and stipulates that family arises from motherhood and fatherhood. After the first hearing, 65 MPs voted yes for amending the Constitution,

Europe must react to escalation of human rights violations in Lithuania

On 26 November 2013, Seimas (Lithuanian Parliament) voted to proceed with a consideration of an amendment to the country’s Code of Administrative Offences which aims to limit freedom of association, assembly and expression of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex (LGBTI) people. Seimas members voted to consider this amendment despite the fact that the parliamentary Human Rights Committee suggested

Lithuanian MP avoids prosecution

Lithuania’s parliament has defended one of its own. Lithuania’s self-appointed family values defender and leading homophobe Petras Gražulis will not have to face legal charges for attempting to disrupt the Baltic Pride rally in July, 2013.  A resolution introduced in the Seimas to strip Gražulis of his parliamentary immunity failed to receive the necessary 71 votes.