“Amnesty International” criticizes Lithuania’s violation of LGBT* rights

In its annual report concerning the state of human rights throughout the world, the international non-governmental organization Amnesty International criticized Lithuania’s violation of LGBT* rights. “The law designed for the ‘protection of minors’ against the detrimental effect of public information violates the freedom of self-expression of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people,” states the

Discriminatory Ads Removed from Work Place due to LGL’s Complaint

A sticker with a sign “STOP AIDS”, depicting two men having sexual intercourse, is discriminatory and violates principle of equal opportunities, concluded the Lithuanian Office of Equal Opportunities Ombudsperson. The sticker was noticed at a supermarket security room in July, 2014. The supermarket’s security officers refused to remove it when asked by LGL’s staff member.

LGL Assists Police in Investigating Hate Crimes

National LGBT* rights organization LGL has many years of experience in cooperating with Lithuanian law enforcement authorities. We provide information and assist the members of the local LGBT* community, who become victims ofhate crimes or hate motivated incidents. LGL staff also assists in submitting complaints regarding violations of the Lawon Equal Opportunities. Similarly, LGL serves