Eurobarometer reveals a lack of LGBTI acceptance in the Baltics

According to Eurobarometer on Discrimination 2019, 30% Lithuanians are in favor of same-sex marriages to be allowed throughout the Europe, while in neighboring Latvia even less, 24% respondents support the same notion. Numbers concerning this question are significantly higher in Estonia and even Catholic-majority Poland, 41% and 45% respondents respectively agree that same sex marriages should be

Flying High: Baltic Pride 2016 meeting with Estonian and Latvian Partners

In September, 2015 the representatives of the partner organizations met to discuss the upcoming Baltic Pride 2016 in Vilnius. The topics included Pride Voices, International Human Rights Conference, Pride March, Pride Park and Pride House. Security, fundraising, political and legal situation, official slogan and preliminary program – within only two days the whole Pride Week

Baltic Pride 2016 March for Equality Will Take Place on the Central Avenue

The National LGBT* Rights Organization LGL congratulates the decision by the Vilnius City Municipality Administration of October 21st, 2015 to facilitate the Baltic Pride 2016 March for Equality on the central avenue in the downtown of Vilnius. The event will take place on June 18th, 2016 (Saturday) on the Gediminas Avenue. The march will culminate

Select Slogan for the “Baltic Pride” 2016 March in Vilnius! (VOTING)

The preparations for the “Baltic Pride” festival in Vilnius (Lithuania) in June, 2016 are already in the full swing. The members of the local LGBT* community and our supports and friends have submitted more than thirty (30) prospective slogans for the “Baltic Pride” 2016 festival. After careful consultations and consultations with our Estonian and Latvian

Submit your slogan for “Baltic Pride” 2016!

“Changing History is Hot!”, “Love Breaks Barriers!”, “In Pride We Trust!” – these are the slogans for the Pride marches all across Europe. You have probably heard already that the Baltic Pride March for Equality is coming back to Vilnius in 2016. We hope that this important event will significantly contribute to the progress of

Latvian Parliament to consider gender neutral partnership law in 2015

Unity Party and ruling coalition MP Veiko Spolitis is pushing for Latvia to recognize the relationship rights of unwed couples both gay and straight for the first time. Latvia may become the next Eastern European state to formally recognize the relationships of unmarried couples in a proposal that would see gay and lesbian couples recognized

Baltic Pride 2014 in Tallinn, June 2 – 8

From June 2 to 8, the Baltic Pride 2014 took place in Tallinn and Tartu in the form of a week-long festival filled with a number of events. All the workshops, performances, discussions, reading groups, exhibitions and film screenings gravitated around one main theme, STAND UP, and the slogan for the whole festival was I’ll stand