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Central Asia: European Parliament concerned about state of LGBTI rights

In a report adopted last week on the EU’s relationship with Central Asia, the European Parliament has made a strong call to respect democracy, the rule of law and human rights, including the rights of LGBTI people, in the region. The report highlights the parliament’s concern over freedom of the media, freedom of expression, and


EU leaders demand answers from Kyrgyz President over anti-LGBTI, anti-NGO bills

During an official visit by Kyrgyz President Almazbek Atambaev last week, EU leaders  have sought reassurances over pending bills seeking to limit the rights of LGBTI people and civil society in general. Kyrgyzstan is considering an anti-LGBTI ‘propaganda’ bill, which would outlaw any public information ‘aimed at forming positive attitudes toward non-traditional sexual relations’. Anyone found guilty could


Kyrgyzstan: human rights group passes ‘gay propaganda’ bill

A Kyrgyzstan human rights group has passed a ‘gay propaganda’ bill in parliament. The bill, similar to Russia’s own anti-LGBT law, will make it illegal to spread information about ‘non-traditional sexual relations’ in the former Soviet country. This means it will be a crime for anyone to discuss anything related to LGBTI people in public spaces either


Kyrgyzstan urged by human rights groups to scrap anti-gay bills

The parliament in Kyrgyzstan is being urged to reject legislation which would ban “foreign agents” and “homosexual propaganda”. The Human Rights Watch (HRC) states that the bills are intended to criminalise “homosexual propaganda”, and to force restrictions onto small charities, in moves which could marginalise minorities. Introduced this month, the bills could be put to a vote