Hungary: suspended sentence for protester who threatened Pride participants

A member of an extreme right wing organisation has been sentenced to two years imprisonment (suspended for three and a half years) for insulting and threatening Budapest Pride March participants in 2012 as part of a larger group. Háttér Society have released a detailed press statement on the judgment. It is available to read below

On Thursday the Polish and Hungarian governments blocked the adoption of a 2011 proposal on property right of married and registered couples by the European Commission, at the Justice and Home Affairs Council. Both governments argued that this proposal infringes their sovereignty and interfere with the national identity, traditions and values related to family and

Hungary: Far right Jobbik Party nationalists fail to ruin Budapest Pride

The 19th Budapest Pride Festival closed successfully this weekend with over 10,000 taking to the streets to march for LGBTI equality in Hungary on Saturday, July 12. However the event was loudly condemned by the far-right ultra-nationalist Jobbik party who also blasted foreign diplomats for showing their support for the event. Jobbik labelled the event a