A quarter of elected European Parliament committed to LGBTI equality

185 (25%) newly elected members of the 751-seat European Parliament have signed ILGA-Europe’s European Elections 2014 Come Out Pledge, committing themselves to advancing human rights and LGBTI equality over the next five years.  Since the launch of the Come Out campaign in January, ILGA-Europe and its members reached out to candidates in all EU countries,


European elections: how did human rights do?

May 2014 was an important month for Europe. The elections for the European Parliament, which took place from May 22 to May 25 in all the member States of the EU, revealed who will represent us in the next five years within the Union. A number of initiatives have been taken in order to raise


The appeal for the EP election campaign free from discrimination and intolerance

On Wednesday 19 March, ILGA-Europe and ENAR (European Network Against Racism) are launching an Appeal for an European election campaign free from discrimination and intolerance with a press conference in the European Parliament. This Appeal is an important symbol, but it is also more than a symbol. The 2014 European Parliament elections are taking place in