Colombia City Seeks to Promote Diversity, LGBT Acceptance

The director of Medellín’s Office of Social Inclusion, Family and Human Rights last Thursday said diversity is an integral part of the Colombian city’s public policy. “Medellín is a city that has understood diversity,” Luis Bernardo Vélez told the Washington Blade during an interview at his office in Medellín City Hall. Vélez, who was a

Colombian LGBT groups endorse peace deal

More than 100 LGBT advocacy groups in Colombia have endorsed the peace deal between the country’s government and a rebel group that would end a decades-long war. Colombia Diversa, Caribe Afirmativo and other organizations launched a campaign on Tuesday that urges Colombians to vote for the agreement in a referendum that is set to take

First same-sex marriage takes place in Colombia

Two men on Tuesday became the first same-sex couple to legally marry in Colombia. Fernando Quimbayo and José Ticora, who have been together for two years, exchanged vows before a registrar in the city of Cali. Colombia’s constitutional court last month ruled same-sex couples have the right to marry in the South American country. Jorge

Colombia high court formally legalizes same-sex marriage

Colombia’s highest court on Thursday formally extended marriage rights to same-sex couples. Reports indicate the Colombian constitutional court’s 6-3 ruling in a case says the process to obtain a marriage license will become the same for couples of the same- or opposite-sex. The decision also stipulates that judges and notaries cannot refuse to marry a

Top Colombia court rules same-sex couples can adopt children

Colombia’s highest court on Wednesday ruled same-sex couples in the South American country can adopt children. The Colombian Constitutional Court in a 6-2 ruling cited international treaties and standards that support adoption rights for gays and lesbians. “The court signaled that scientific studies and evidence that supports the process clearly demonstrated, or that adoption by

Top Colombian court issues adoption ruling

Colombia’s highest court on Wednesday ruled gays and lesbians can adopt in the South American country only when the child was born to their “permanent partner.”  The Colombian Constitutional Court announced on its Twitter page that “same-sex couples can only adopt when the request involves the biological child of their permanent partner.” The tribunal has yet to