Thursday, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) explained that under EU law, an employee who is in a same-sex civil partnership should receive the same benefits as foreseen for married employees—in case a civil partnership is the highest form of union they can access. A French man entering a registered partnership took his employer

Greece ordered to open civil unions to same-sex couples

The European Court of Human Rights has ordered Greece to allow same-sex couples to enter into the same civil unions it allows for same-sex couples. Greece has had opposite-sex civil unions since 2008 for heterosexuals who do not wish to marry and the European court in Strasbourg found that it was discriminatory for Greece to

Lithuanian Justice Ministry proposes law on unregistered opposite-sex partnership

Lithuania’s Justice Ministry has drafted yet another bill on introducing the institution of partnership between an unmarried man and a woman. Under the proposal, the Civil Code should envisage partnership as factual cohabitation with family relations. Such partnerships would not have to be registered. Partnership would only be allowed between persons of different sex, while