Justin Trudeau Marches With His Wife and Kids in Toronto Pride Parade

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has joined LGBT activists and allies in Toronto Pride. The Liberal PM joined marchers in the streets of the Canadian city to celebrate LGBT equality with his wife and two children. It’s not the first time the pro-equality leader has joined pride celebrations. Last year he became the first serving

Gender-inclusive Passports Are Soon to Be Introduced to Canada

Canada is about to introduce gender-inclusive passports which will offer a third, unspecified option for those who do not fall into the female or male category. Currently, the country only allows F or M options on passports, but a proposed bill may change this, creating inclusivity and relieving stress that both transgender and non-binary people

Justin Trudeau just appointed a new LGBTQ2 special advisor

The Canadian Prime Minister has appointed Alberta MP Randy Boissonnault as his LGBTQ2 special advisor. The advisor was the first out gay MP in Alberta to be elected. He is appointed as Canada repeals a federal law making it illegal for same-sex couples to have anal sex, or if more than two people “take part

Canada PM Justin Trudeau marches at Vancouver Pride Parade

The world’s dreamiest prime minister Justin Trudeau joined thousands at the 38th annual Vancouver Pride Parade on Sunday. The 44-year-old politician also brought his wife, Sophie, and their three children along for the celebration. ‘It’s a time where the whole city, families, communities come out, we celebrate the great diversity that is such a strength

Canada’s Conservative Party officially stops opposing gay marriage

The Conservative Party in Canada has just voted to officially support same-sex marriage, eleven years after the country introduced it. The party, established twelve years ago, voted on Saturday to remove support for a “traditional” definition of marriage in its policy book. MP and leadership hopeful Maxime Bernier said: “It’s about telling Canadians that you

Canada university establishes world’s first chair of transgender studies

The University of Victoria in British Columbia has established the world’s first chair of transgender studies, it announced on Friday (15 January). Sociology professor and transgender man Aaron Devor will research a broad range of issues affecting the community, such as healthcare, poverty, discrimination and suicide. ‘Far too many trans and gender nonconforming people still

British Columbia prisons implement reforms for transgender prisoners

The Canadian province of British Columbia will no longer confine transgender people in the prisons that are meant for the gender they were assigned at birth Prisons in British Columbia will no longer jail transgender women in men’s prisons and transgender men in women’s prisons after its Department of Corrections changed its policies. Previously only

US: Olympian attacks Canadian ‘gay luge’ advert

US Olympic luger Christian Niccum has attacked a Canadian ad which mocks his sport for being ‘a little bit gay’. Niccum told Reuters: “It’s a gross misrepresentation of everything. All of it seems like a lie to me.” “I don’t think it’s fair for people that do have same sex attraction that they are using

Canada has cancelled a scheduled state visit following Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan’s decision to approve a draconian anti-gay bill. The decision to cancel President Jonathan’s state visit to Canada was communicated through the Nigeria High Commissioner to the Supervising Minister of Foreign Affairs, Professor Viola Onwuliri who in turn passed on the message to the