Bolivia’s transgender citizens get updated ID cards under new gender law

The local transgender community in Bolivia is celebrating the country’s new gender law which allows trans individuals to register for identity cards with updated personal information. Last week, trans activist Pamela Geraldine Valenzuela was the first to get her new updated ID card in a ceremony presided over by the mayor of La Paz, Luis

Bolivian politicians have approved a bill to allow trans people to change their name and gender on official documents. The Chamber of Deputies approved the bill which will forever change the legal standing of trans people in the South American country. The Gender Identity bill still needs to be approved by the Senate before being

Trans people win right to change name and gender in Bolivia

Transgender people in Bolivia will soon be able to legally change their name, sex and gender, Bolivia’s justice minister has announced. Virginia Velasco Condori unveiled the new policy last Wednesday, meaning trans Bolivians will soon be able to register legal documentations using their new identities. In a statement regarding the change. Condori said that people who wan