Association LGL Launches Informational Brochure on Domestic Violence for LBT* Women

What are the main causes and consequences of domestic violence? Is this problem relevant not only for the different-sex couples, but also for the same-sex couples? Where to seek for help, when encountering this negative phenomenon? Is the legal regulations, aiming at preventing domestic violence in Lithuania, is fully applicable to the LBT* women? According

At the current stage, the Lithuanian society seems to be a victim of a bizarre paradox. On one hand, the society is still struggling with the taboos and inhibitions inherited from the Soviet regime on any subject related to sex, pleasure and intimacy. With an entire generation of people raised within the no-sex epoch, the

Bi-Visibility Day and Bi-Awareness Week: Time to Celebrate!

September is not only the month of the first yellow leafs on trees and the beginning of school; September is the month of Bisexuality Visibility Day and Bi-Sexuality Awareness Week! Let’s go a bit more in depth into the topic and discover more about these two very important events within the LGBT* agenda. What is

Argentina lifts ban on gay and bi men donating blood

Argentina has changed its rules to allow gay and bisexual men to donate blood immediately. The country’s health ministry announced a resolution which allows men who have had sex with men to donate blood. It does away with previous rules which blocked gay and bisexual men from donating blood. The previous rules had been condemned