The LGL Association encourages the Social Democrats to disapprove the amendment

The National LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual) rights organization LGL encouraged the Social Democrats fraction of the Parliament to disapprove the legal amendments that were considered on January 21st. The legal amendment and it’s intention do not differ from the human rights impairing so called “homosexuality propaganda” restrictions that are valid in Russia. This

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For the recognition of family diversities – fines for thousands

The Parliament Committee on State Administration and Local Authorities approves that it would be possible to punish for public defiance of family. Appointed as principal the abovementioned committee on 14th of January was considering the draft amendment to the Code of Administrative Violations, proposed by MP Petras Gražulis. In the revised amendment it is suggested


Lithuanian Parliament endorses constitutional amendment linking family to marriage

On 10 December 2013 the Lithuanian Parliament voted in favour of the Constitutional amendment, which redefines a constitutionally protected concept of “family life” as emanating from traditional marriage by a man and a woman and stipulates that family arises from motherhood and fatherhood. After the first hearing, 65 MPs voted yes for amending the Constitution,

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On 14 November 2013 a group of 108 Lithuanian MPs registered a Constitutional amendment, which would redefine a constitutionally protected concept of ‘family life’ as emanating from a traditional marriage by a man and a woman and/or from motherhood and fatherhood. This is the second time as the Lithuanian Parliament seeks to amend the Constitution


On 26 November the Lithuanian Parliament Seimas voted on the proposal to reject the draft amendment to the Code of Administrative Violations No. XIP-4490 (2). The amendment introduces administrative liability for “public denigration of constitutional moral values and of constitutional fundamentals of the family life, as well as organization of public events contravening public morality”.


A group of the parliaments proposed to amend Lithuania’s Criminal Code by inserting a provision that “critics or discussion of sexual behaviour, sexual practices, convictions and views, or attempts to persuade to change such behaviours, practices, convictions and views, is not to be regarded in itself as sneer, belittlement, discrimination or incitement to discriminate”. The