KEISK (Change It) video: Invisible because similar

Stereotypes – into the trash bin

On our YouTube channel you can find the new promotional video that was put together by the LGL team. The main goal of this video is to confront society with its well-rooted stereotypes. “This can’t be love,” “How can you call it a family,” “Their lifestyle is unacceptable”- this are the clichés that took roots in Lithuanian society and increase the isolation of LGBT* people.

With this video we take a stand against short-sighted assumptions, with the intention of addressing the questions that are most frequently asked by heterosexual people. Although this questions are likely to arise from lack of information, LGL social advertising mission is not that of blaming, judging and pointing fingers. Our goal is to encourage critical thinking, unite our efforts in support of LGBT * people and generate new creative ideas.

Similar therefore invisible

False convictions can be contradicted and changed by the real people acting in this digital story. They live in our neighborhoods and, like us, work to pay their rent, rush to the store to buy products for romantic dinners, sometimes perform boring household rituals and spend their free time with their peers. The life of LGBT* people doesn’t look any different. That’ why it’s so easy to overlook them. However, they are different, because most of them are struggling and trying to find their place in our society.